Sunday, August 06, 2006

Birthday time

Been a bit nutty of late with organising things for Maxs Birthday. It is just one of those things that we like to go all out with. More just the atmosphare we like to create for the kids....we get a buzz of seeing their faces. I always make a large banner for up on the wall, we have a large amount of handmage flags that are made into streamers we always string up. Andrzej blows a fu fu valve blowing up around 40 balloons, and then there is the games, small if young age, and then the food and cake. For Mollys 5th Birthday we turned the lounge into a fairy grotto, she loved it. We decorate the place up once they have gone to bed the night before, so it is a great surprise the morning of the Birthday.

The photo of just Max is him dancing to HI5....very cute. He also go very dirty, as he insisted on going down the slide frontwards....its only dirt. I got him the top he is wearing for his birthday and I got told it was Frank Spencer top.....had to laugh as it is like what he had, but the difference he was in PJ bottoms with his.

Oh and here are a couple of layouts I did for last months Scrapbook Outlets DT.

This layout above is a front cover to a book about me...Maya Road. TFL

I wanted to odwnload my picture from Donnas sketch challange to us, but after 4 tries, Im giving up....what is it with these guys and not being able to download photos everytime?!!

Well I must go now and start considering my homework for CC2006....yep left it too the last min other than the Ali E bits and the 9 days of my DH life. Better pull my finger out....LOL. Looking forward to meeting Rach face to face tho as she is coming down for it....had I said that b4...oh well looking forward to it :-)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ive been tagged by Mel

Ok, never had this before, but have been tagged by Mel. Firstly, just figured out how to link someones blog just showing their name not the whole www address.....ok Im chuffed with myself....LOL

4 jobs I've had:

  1. Shiseido Cosmetic promotions in Perth Australia. Had lots of fun doing demos and shop displays, and have to say was good on the sales was easy as I love their products....still do really.
  2. Asia and Pacific Hospitality sales. Worked and lived in Hotels for a couple of years in Aussie and NZ. Ran telemarketing teams....but near the end just craved cucumber as food. Totally sick of Hotel food. Got in trouble with mangement in one of the hotels as had 2 English friends staying in the hotel room with me for one night, they got drunk and fell in a near-by river, dragged themselves thru the forer of the hotel laughing and very wet up to my room. You see we werent to have anybody stay in the room with us, and I was hiding them there.....they stood out just a little. I can laugh now.
  3. Hotel sales for a Wellington hotel.
  4. Clear Communication as an external trainer to their big customers. Didnt train on the telephones, everything but that really. Everything from Customer service, Motivation Debt collection, team building. Was fun most of the time.

4 Movies I could watch over and over:

  1. Notting Hill....seen more times than I can count
  2. Pride and predudice
  3. Toy story 1 & 2......sad really.....LOL
  4. The Fisher King

4 TV shows I love to watch:

  1. Home and away....I will explain...LOL, Sunday morning is the only day I have where nothing is happening, Andrzej is asleep from Nite shift, and the kids are usually colouring in or something like that. So I sit down with my cup of coffe and for as long as I can...not always all the way thru, sit and watch. Sadly is the only time I swith off for that length of time, hence the no brainer programme....LOL
  2. The Office....bring it back!!!!!!
  3. Trinny and Suzanne.....bring them back!!!!!!!!!
  4. Anything with Robert WInston in it....the english guy who does child of our time him to bits!

4 favourite foods:

  1. Kalamartra Olives...have I spelt it right?
  2. Roast Lamb with mint sauce
  3. Mixed salad done with strawberries, chicken, blue cheese, pine nuts, and a few crunchy noodle thrown in....mmmmmmm
  4. Lemon gooey slice....mmmmmmmmm

4 tunes that play in my head:

  1. Norah Jones....shoot the moon
  2. Heather Small.......have you done something today to make you feel proud
  3. Prince.......Lots from him.....dont know why, love the beat with his music...LOL
  4. Hi-5, Wombles get the picture, lots of kids tunes. They are very catchy.

4 Websites I visit daily:

  1. Twopeas
  2. Scrapbook Outlet
  3. Lots of personal Blogs
  4. National Bank like Mel, for online banking

4 best scrapbooking lines

  1. Basic Grey
  2. Heidi Swapp
  3. Maya Road
  4. K&Company - Kimberly her papers

I'm tagging Rach, Donna, Lara, Andrea Hope you guys dont mind. I actually found it fun thinking back to my old favs, thank you Mel

Mel also what great luck getting those tickets to Eric Clapton, amazing. That will be a concert to remember :-)

What else have I been up too.....Our new layouts for Scrapbook Outlet are up on the web site (Shani). This months was some of the more challanging for me. Ribbons and how to use in a different way to how I normally would. I love to challange myself and try something in a new way, but I did it and am happy with the results....Im allowed to say that as they are mine, and as I have said b4, we do this for ourselves first.

Must go now and actually spend some time with my DH. Have a lovely day.