Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ahhhh couldnt help myself. Catch up on a Christmas card I did for a Kindi mother, lots of glitz but dosent show up well, and this is one of my alltime fav photos of Molly. OK now I am going to bed.

And about time !!!!!!

Yes it has been over a year. I found last year a tough one and am beinging to come out of it with a lot more answers and direction. Max was diognosed with Autism and trying to get the right things underway for him took a lot of time. On top of that we were doing it 24/7 with not much support. Oh the photo of Max is taken while he was playing with bubbles....thats what is on his chin. Molly, well that really just shows her as always the ballet dancer.

Well after that wee update, I need to goto bed. Max has been awake lots during the nite over the last week, so I need some sleep. But I am now committed to adding to this blog as I am also involved in 2 very cool things this year.
1. Artistic edge. 3 weeks of photography photo editing secrets from Adrienne Looman in Feb. Way cool, I love what she does with her photos.
2. Project 52. Lots of challenges and inspiration but with project 52 you will actually get direction. Step by Step direction on how to make, how to take that photo, how to create corners in your home that are original and all about you, how to organize that stuff, how to write your heart, how to capture you and those you love, how to be inspired and turn that into a reality. Step by step guidelines that you can turn into your own little masterpieces, your own little treasures. we will have guest instructors....this has been taken from Courtney Delaura. I LOVE her work, so I am also SUPER excieted to be involved in this. Apparently you can join any time, well worth it I think.
So there it is. Off to sleep now. Need my beauty sleep, my Birthday is on Saturday and having a wee BBQ with some friends.
Nite Nite.