Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Artistic Edge photo workshop

WOW. I have had photoshop for a while and used actions a lot and also fumbled around with editing my photos in my very own 'special' way :-). I have learnt so much already. Below are a couple of photos I have played with.
Have lots more, will add later. Thank you so very much Adrienne, Hugs to you.
Other news. Molly had her assessment today for Dyspraxia, and looks like she has traits of it, full report to come in a week. But in her testing she came well above her age in some areas, so that was great news as they will help to carry her thru in some of the other areas we will be working on. I actually had a moment of tears, as it was more a relief for her as we know what we are working with now, but also tears of relief as I hoped I wasnt losing it in thinking too much about this and creating issues where they might not have been. Its all good from here. Now just to get Max communicating more and find some answers to his BIG scensory needs, and maybe my spelling :-)
Off to get some rest so we can have a cool last day of the holidays tomorrow. Happy New Zealand Day (bit tongue and cheek).