Monday, October 12, 2009

Changes in the Air

Photo from Staglands on a wet day. I love this place.

Wow i didnt realise how long it had been since I had visited my own blog. Its been a year I wont forget in a hurry tho. Quick re-cap, Homeschooling both Molly and Max. Homeschooling oh and a bit more homeschooling :-) Its been a journey for them and me I think. Molly needed to go thru the de-schooling process. In short she had some experiences from school that left a bit of an impact on her that she needed the time to work thru and feel better about herself again. Jumping to now, she is feeling happier about a lot of things, and really motivated to approach some subjects that she was led to believe wasnt good at. So been very worth it for her.

Max, not much I can say other that.....absolutly awesome. In fact we were just at a BBQ today around all new people and he fitted in sooooooo well that they didnt pick at all that he had Autism. What it really comes down to is his social skills are at a point that he automatically says Hi to people, and then gets on with what he is doing. In this case they had a dog so he was very happy. His speech is also come in leaps and bounds.

Me.....well nobody really can tell you how this journey is going to be for a mum, and wow what a journey it has been. Between the feelings of wow, tired, confused, anger, love, happyness, trying to be in the moment, I am in a better place now. I understand my children better, I also understand myself better. Because of the amazing changes happening to them, I know we are doing the right thing. If it also wasnt for my amazing Hubbie Andrzej, I dont think I would be at this point as soon. He has just slotted in where ever he is put :-) No really, he has taken a role just as important as mine, as he does a lot of the physical side, and also emotial support to me. Thank you Andrzej.

So this blog I have now decided is going to reflect a lot more about the Homeschooling journey. Especially with having a child on the spectrum, I like to think it might help someone else out there have the courage to look at things differently.

Off to bed I go, feeling good about starting this again.