Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking into his eyes

I want to communicate my story in a way you can understand.....he said.  This is what I know and need to tell you about it......he said.  Listen to the colours moving and the smells grow to explain my world.....he said.  You may find it all to busy to hold on to and keep track of, but I'm living every moment of the story I'm sharing....he said.  I notice when you respond to my story in a monotone single worded response and I can feel you not listening correctly......he said.  It really is a fun story once you get to know me....he said.  Look into my eyes and you might be able to follow along with me....he said.  So I looked into his eyes and saw the sounds, heard the colours and felt the movement he was telling me about.  In that moment I felt his heart reaching out to me to play along.  His world was a little clearer for me to feel.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Photos of some of my Art works

I have decided to start using this Blog to sell some of my art. I have a lot of new things I am working on and also putting together some works to apply for the NZ Art Show. Thousands apply, but I am about stretching myself this year. I am also working on some 3D versions of my Ladies....will post those soon.

I Love working on these, its my happy place. Knowing I have a pocket of time to be around my messy paints, papers and inks I really do get Goosebumps. Please contact me if you want something special done or just a commissioned piece. I have worked on a few now, and love painting something that is personal to someone.