Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Putting it out There.

Yep the time has come where I am committing to better health and fitness. I had an interesting year last year learning about food and how it affects our systems, about adding fat back into our daily eating, how my under active thyroid does not like gluten or sugar and all about juicing. It was a year of gaining knowledge and trying out different parts of it all. This year is the year to pull it all together and actually do it. The exercise part is my challenge.

I have one leg slightly shorter than the other due to lots of hip surgery's and the last hip surgery was left sitting in an odd position, too long of a story to say here at the mo, but it means I am restricted by what I can do. All good tho I have found Xbox Zumba. I am a jazzercise girl from way back and loved my dancing I used to do and this fills the gap. I can do what I can manage but at the same time get the benefits of the cardiovascular aspect. Also adding in stationary cycling. I am going to try going for a walk but I do find that hard. I have to concentrate on every step and it becomes more of a mental exercise than a physical one.

I need to practice forgiving myself, yes it is ok to slip up sometimes it dosent make me a bad person and I need to pick my battles with myself. 

Now in the words from Nike......Just Do It :-)

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