Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arting Necklaces

Finally turning my Art into Necklaces. Arting son saying when im off to paint.....are you going to do some more arting Mum.....Hence the name :-)

I will be selling them on my Facebook page and some in a friends store. The protection over the painting is Jeweller grade resin, and the silverware is nickel and lead free. Hope you like them. 

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Pillow Talk

Yes Pillow Talk is happening for me creatively also. This is an example of one of my cushions (not pillows really, just sounded attention grabbing).

Arting again

Yes Arting. My son say to me......Mum are you doing your Arting again. Love that term. SO yes I am. I had a bit of a break and now zinging back into it. I also am going to be making Cushions out of Vintage blankets and necklaces of my art works. Super exciting.  This is the link to my Facebook page I will be selling some of my things.
This one has SOLD :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inside Christmas Tree Ideas

Too early.....nah never to early to talk and look at Inside trees. I am also doing this as I have a friend who is opening a store and I mentioned to her about this idea....inside tree not the Christmas bit. I have had these a few times in our house and they are so easy to make.

This was one of my first. Very full of Christmas Decorations and had fairy lights on it. You simply cut a branch off a tree, spay paint it the desired colour and then with expanding foam set it into a bucket. Then the fun bit happens were you get to decorate it.

The window treatment with cut out snowflakes is another great idea and easy to do. This isnt my photo but we have done the same thing in our windows at Christmas. I have also made a similar idea with white doilies. I love winter themed ideas, shame our Christmas is in summer.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sale time

I have decided to bypass Trademe and will post soon a large amount of mainly kids clothing on this site for sale. Sizes will be from new born to size 16. I will pop something on Facebook to let you all know when I am starting. Needing the extra cash, but also would like our hallway back :-)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Putting it out There.

Yep the time has come where I am committing to better health and fitness. I had an interesting year last year learning about food and how it affects our systems, about adding fat back into our daily eating, how my under active thyroid does not like gluten or sugar and all about juicing. It was a year of gaining knowledge and trying out different parts of it all. This year is the year to pull it all together and actually do it. The exercise part is my challenge.

I have one leg slightly shorter than the other due to lots of hip surgery's and the last hip surgery was left sitting in an odd position, too long of a story to say here at the mo, but it means I am restricted by what I can do. All good tho I have found Xbox Zumba. I am a jazzercise girl from way back and loved my dancing I used to do and this fills the gap. I can do what I can manage but at the same time get the benefits of the cardiovascular aspect. Also adding in stationary cycling. I am going to try going for a walk but I do find that hard. I have to concentrate on every step and it becomes more of a mental exercise than a physical one.

I need to practice forgiving myself, yes it is ok to slip up sometimes it dosent make me a bad person and I need to pick my battles with myself. 

Now in the words from Nike......Just Do It :-)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Cheer

I have been working on some Christmas pieces and thought I would share. Christmas makes me happy. I LOVE the craft aspect of it, The smells, the music, and the excited feelings the kids still get surrounding it. AH all I need is snow and then the Christmas lights would look magical. Not stopping me tho :-)

Hoping these will hang from the tree.
Ho Ho Ho

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mixed media canvas showing Crackle medium.

I am obsessed with Viva Croco Crackling medium. Its such easy and fun to work with. This is a canvas I worked on and started my obsession. It is so easy to paint, ink, stamp etc over and my preference is to use my Heat gun to dry it to get the lovely larger cracks...oh and Im not good at waiting for things to dry.

Home sweet Home Photo Tray

Home Sweet Home Photo tray

7 Gypsies Photo Tray for the "Art of Craft" web site. I had lots of fun doing this and so easy to do. For some step by step instructions pop on over to the site. :-)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Got myself a Melting Pot

Oh Yes I am very excited, I got a Melting Pot today and am as we speak making some wire forms to pop into some melted Utee. I will post some photos once done. This is one craft tool I have wanted for a while now. Happy Happy Place :-)

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How to add a Pinterest Mouseover Button to your Blog

I came across this site that gave amazing and easy directions on how to add a mouseover button to your photos for Pinterest. Well worth popping over to.

Their site is called Kevin & Amanda.

This message takes no responsibility in feeding your addiction to Pinterest :-)

Art of Craft Design team projects

Due to a lot of crazy silly things happening, I have been a little delayed in getting my projects up. BUT it has more to come. Please if you get a moment pop on over to Art of Craft and have a look at my project and the other wonderful projects posted. Dont forget to pop into the store as there are some awesome products available for so many different types of craft moments.

Im on a roll....I have posted another project on Art of Crafts Web site. It is a Canvas Bag that I have painted up....lots of fun :-) Pop on over and have a wee lookie.