Monday, July 02, 2012

Back on Track

My daughter has been pushing me to restart my blog, and I think she is right. So I am leaping back into this world with lots changed, and going on from 2009. I am on a bit of a journey to find me again amongst all the crazy in our life. That is not only in the home but also Im looking at me in all of this. Its all good and positive, just going to take time. I need to start on the house as in the stuff we have in it, and also on me in terms of healthy options. Life just seems to consume you up sometimes and you get to a point I think that you realise its time to grab it by the neck and take some control back.

One of the things I am excited about has been my Art. Getting back into being creative has been an awesome feeling. To top it off having a successful exhibition also was an added bonus. All thanks to Oyster Gallery (who have just closed their doors....for positive things ahead). I have often shied away from putting myself out there, but it has felt ok. I have also as a result been back in contact or made new contact with some lovely people as a result. Lara, Andrea,Jacqueline,Pip and others.

So with Molly pushing me and reminding me to post here I think this might be fun again.