Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ok, I have had a shocking start, but buzzed again :-)

Hi. I started off with a bang then my cork popped out and I sat still for a while.

A lot has happened and have been distracted. Both excieting things and mundane things. Hubbie has been working mental hours/days so there is no routine in the house, and things do get overlooked and sloppy. All our faults, but you know I have to say its OK. Molly is starting school soon, when we are not sure as we are on a ballot for a school and we will find out next week if she got in...fingers and toes crossed. Max has had grommets put in and his speech is still a little / no a lot behind, so we are looking at speech therapy, but he is the happyest kid and is trying to say words, just not coming thru yet. He calls Molly "Armee" must scrap a page on that one....LOL

I worked on a canvas for Mollys Kindi teachers and loved every min of it as it was a totally different style from anything I had done b4. I am thinking of doing more in this style for friends. Total freedom.

Mollys Kindi has been this term covering the alphabet....each day is a new letter and each day they have encouraged the kids to dress to that letter. Have to say Molly has been the only one each day doing it, a couple of others doing the odd day. Shame for the teachers as they are making huge efforts. Here are a couple of her days. She is loving it and figures out days ahead what she is wearing. Yes then I have to come up with how, but it has been fun.
Well I must go now as things to do b4 midnight ticks over again. I am making a promise to myself to update this at least every couple of days. Nite Nite.