Friday, November 23, 2012

Love Pig tits and Parsley sauce

Love the name and lovin the site.... Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce. I looked at this a year ago and hadn't clicked at the time this was someone I went to school with. We are in a place that we need to look at how we are best spending our money and Lyn Websters managed to restricted her family grocery budget to just $100 a week. There are some awesome recipes and homemade cosmetic and cleaning products recipes  I am in Awe. Im going to be spending sometime over Christmas working out what we can incorporate into our home. 

The first I am going to try now tho is the Crock pot bread recipe in the free recipe part. I would check out her website its got looks to read and follow and purchase. Ha a tee shirt with this name on the front would be fun :-)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kool kikki-k Kolour in Khristmas

I Love Kikki-K products, especially their White gel pens. This is a free nifty colour in sheet from the site and just click to download. Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yippee Art works up for sale

Its been a long time coming but I finally have a space to sell my Art works. Inspired Obsessions is the page name. I am soooo grateful to some dear friends who have suggested the idea to me. I am also so grateful to a couple of friends who have suggested some markets that might be a good option. That is a next year plan. Where am I going to go with all of this, well I have a few plans up my sleeve and now I need to win the lottery on time to work on some of them :-)

Thought tho, are any of you interested in an Angel like the below photo. I have sold 2 of these before and have made a template and am looking at completing some more.

 Let me know if you are interested.

What else have I been up to.....trying to make time for people who are important in my life and who I have sometimes neglected due to being busy etc. I cant say how grateful I am to the wonderful special people we have that are close to us.

I thought I would pop in a picture of Maxs Minecraft Birthday cake. What a fun theme to work with for a party. We had lots of fun.