Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is a first for Me :-)

Well I have been spening months reading others Blogs, and loving what people have been saying and thinking to myself, oh my god my life is so unexcieting as the rest of you. A thought I have since realised is very common. I love the idea of having a place just to pop down your thoughts and have a ramble even if it is only to myself. I also really want to have a place to talk about my addiction. It is in my life everyday, think about it all the time, obsessed, with every aspect, and yes it is Scrapbooking.

For me this craft is really something more than just a craft. I origionally took it up to help me through Post natal depression, it made me focus on my family, me and life in a fresh way. I love how I am storing those memories that may otherwise be forgotten, making new friends, and having a good laugh at life.

Thank you for reading this, I am looking forward to this new journey.