Thursday, July 27, 2006

Been a busy day

Andrzej took today off work to allow me to work thru my 20 point to-do list, as of 5.30 I have crossed off 3. Well at least 3 is better than non. I had to work on a few layouts and finish Maxs invite, so the important bits are done.

Yesterday afternoon I had a neat opportunity to meet Mel at her house. Molly and her son Elliot goto the same school and it was lovely they could meet each other. Molly now has somebody other than the kids in her class she can say Hi to on the playground. It was really sweet of Mel to offer this meeting. But the big bonus was getting to met Mel. We had lots to talk about and it was lovely to meet someone new with similar interests. As she said on her blog, really fun to meet a new friend :-)
Catlin, her daughter is lovely also, and she has talents in sooo many areas, maths being one of them. She is a sweetie. Oh and for those who have seen her photos of her kitchen, in real life it is fantastic.

Oh, here is a layout I worked on this week, thought I would share....I just LOVE these papers.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Check out Scrapbook Outlets Clearance items!

Hi. Oh yes yes, great sale items on Scrapbook outlets web site at the mo, a must for some great papers bargins :-) Ah when can you ever have enough paper.

Looking forward to tomorrow afternoon I get to have a coffee with Mel, a fellow scrapper from Lower Hutt, and her son goes to Mollys school. I did meet her for the first time this afternoon at school. Molly is excieted.

I made a huge to-do list this afternoon as I have sooooo many projects running and I needed to get a handle on what was going on. Especially since Maxs Birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I still havent sent the invites. Done the banner tho...LOL.

Just as a pop in mention, I love Tara Whitney at the mo, here photography is fantasic She is awesome

Have alovely day :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cant believe its Sunday already

Before you know it the weekend is over and another week has begun. We dont really have proper weekends here as Andrzej is working nights on Fri and Sat so he is sleeping on both mornings to lunch time. Mind you he slept until 2pm today as he worked from 5pm yesterday until 7.30am this morning. The kids go crazy knowing he is in the house but not available to jump all over.

Wow what a lot happening on I am this evening trying to do a catch up on all the new stuff, so that is my biggie for tonight. Other than that this evening Max is having his 3rd Birthdayin 2 weeks so need to get his invites done. This is the latest I have ever been with a party, days have flowen.

These are some shots from our train trip at Sliverstream last weekend. The train de-railed hence the photo of them standing outside of the train, we had to get another train back, but as a result got a really great look at the train, which the kids loved.....that includes Andrzej. Below is a photo of me on the front on the way back. Because of my hips I couldnt get up into the train as there was no platform, so I got the cool ride back.

The other things we have been up to have really been just getting back into the school routine. Max has hated having Molly away again during the day, poor guy.

Must go and do my catch up things now. Have a lovely day :-)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen on Video

This is from Ali Edwards blog and I have linked it to here. It truly is the most beautiful video clip to see. Please have a look it really puts life in perspective.

Be prepared to shed a little (me I am still going) tear. I LOVE seeing people being involved in others lives like this. I truly wish we all could lead our lives feeling this towards others everyday. There is a song from Heather small, "have you done something today to make you feel proud" That is living :-)
Have a Beautiful day

Friday, July 14, 2006

Last day of School Holidays

Well it is here, last day of holidays.......I asked Andrzej to take the day off as he has been working soooo many hours recently, and he is there this morning, but is coming home for the afternoon Yippee. Molly and I are going to spend some mummy and daughter time, getting her hair trimmed, fluffie, and what ever else takes out fancy. I love these times together. Her tooth hasnt come out yet, been a few days now, I really have forgotten how long it takes for them to pop out.

I have finally started on my homework for CC 2006, 9 days of Andrzejs life....should be fun. I am really looking forward to a couple of days, just scrapping and being around other like minded people.....pure self indulgance :-) Meeting Ali Edwards is going to be a highlight for me, I truley think she is an inspiational woman. Oh and I get to meet Rach face to face, that will be great.

Oh take a look at this site, has lots of sneek peeks from CHA

To finish....Max has his 3rd Birthday in 3 weeks, so I was going thru a couple of picture for his invites, and found this picture from last years cake....LOL As you can see it is a Construction theme. I love Birthdays and the whole cake making (I try...Hee hee) and the decorations. I LOVE creating happy memories for the kids. Andrzej totally fact he is the offical balloon blower, decoration putter upper. Theme for this party is Blues Clues goes on a Train ride. He is obsessed with both so had to find a way to cover both.....mmmm just how to do that cake.

Have a fantastic day and do something the makes you feel proud :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just a quickie

Had to share this cool website I found on cupcakes....I love the idea of little cakes each with its own personality.....LOL Running late today, but be back later. Have a fab day :-)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I did it :-)

I did it, I figured out how to add my fav blogs I visit, and poped a photo of myself on the page as well. Just to figure out the top of the page....LOL

Have to also tell a funny story from yesterday. My hubbie Andrzej was striking silly poses in the kitchen and I said to him "oh real chick magnet stuff they are....LOL" Molly pricked her ears up and said....Daddy is a "Chicken Magnet" After lots of laughing, she now thinks a chicken magnet is like a funny joke, so sadly is repeated over and over like a knock knock joke. SOOOO cute.

Must go and do the supermarket shopping.
Have a lovely day

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yep slipped again....:-(

Yep I slipped again. I really dont know where time let alone days go. In between Molly being sick and school holidays...well its time to catch up on life. I have been busy designing some classes for over the last week, for the month of August. Has been fun putting these together. I have a felt flower layout and a canvas birthday momento. I will put pictures up tomorrow....need to download them yet.

I have had a blinding flash of "Scrapbooking life lessons" today......Scrapbooking has taught me to look at my work, and say to myself..."well that is a good/great page." So much of my life I would say ah no its not that great....and after reading for HOURS on other peoples blogs and site, seeing how they can just say their works are fab, I have started dipping my toes in and trying the water out on it. You know it feels ok......LOL I dont care for a change what anyone else feels, as long as I can look at it and feel good, that is good enough for me. OK I will stop going on about this now, but it is my warm fuzzy for the day.

I had to add this picture to finish as it is one of my favs of Max at the mo...tomorrow is another day. Must go and figure out how to add my 'blogs sites I visit" bit, way overdue.

Have a lovely day :-)