Thursday, April 25, 2013

Etzcetera magazine


Pop on over and have a look at this online Mag. Only $4.50 aud. It really is an informative mag for it.

Etzcetera Magazine Issue 9

They grow up soooo fast.

I was working my way through my many photos of the kids, putting them into some kind of messy order when I came across this recent one of Molly at her 12th Birthday in March. I love it when the pretend smile isn't put on or the forced look cus I have taken one too many photos that day. I LOVE this photo of her.....Goosebumps just looking at what a Beautiful girl she is growing into. Sigh. But all good, she is really getting a sense of herself and happy being her and not swayed by what others think she should be into or like. Awesome I say.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Double Rainbows

Just for the sake of sharing...Mollys photo of our double Rainbow the other day......still looking for the 2 pots of Gold :-)

Here's to feeling Liberated

Well I feel liberated. Why.....well in my quest to find ways to save money I did the one thing I thought I would never do......cut my own hair. I have an amazing hairdresser who really does know how to cut curly hair, he is magic....but at over $100 I cant afford it often. So You tube videos in hand, and a lady I follow from overseas who cuts her own hair.....I shut myself into the bathroom. I figured worst case scenario it can grow back. But it turned out fantastic. I cut 5-6 inches off....Im hooked. So if you have been thinking about it as an option I say give it a go, you may be surprised with the result.

My pouty shot had to be included. Really hard to take photos of yourself I have found. My hair before the cut.had a life of its own. Andrzej used to say i had a community living in there. It was thick and wild, hence I wore it up a lot. Heres to taking control oh and inspired also by yet again ..... Pig tits and parsley sauce.