Monday, May 13, 2013

Hobbit Feet

Hobbit Feet can be either your natural look, which will make you extremely lucky in cases of winter and parties or you have to create the fuzzies on your feet. Mollys Birthday party this year was Hobbit themed and Max went as Bilbo. Now some may think due to his mop of wonderful hair on his head, he may be one of those lucky people to have the natural furry look on his feet....but sadly no. So how to create the look without using super glue.
I found some old shoulder pads from a 1950s jacket. The pads were made from a natural fiber which gave a look of real hair but of course you could use any kind of fluff you could find.

Good old PVA. Squirt an amount on the tops of the feet and then pop on whatever fiber you are using and wait for it to dry. It really didn't take long as I didn't put a thick amount on. Max sat on the computer to entertain him while he waited.

They stayed on thru the entire party and then at the end just like you used to do at school, peel it off. The other great thing, is it peeled off in one lot so we can reuse both for another party sometime.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Link Love #1

Share the Link Love
This is such a Magical idea....Tammy's Link Love Mission can be explained by clicking on the link above.

My First Link would have to be a Beautiful Blog I have followed for quite a while. It is a visual Beauty. She has amazing figurines, art, inspiration, photos and magic. A Fanciful Twist is worth getting a coffee and stopping for a look.

As I am behind on this and we are into week 2 already here is a second blog of Loveliness......Dina Wakley. I adore her work. She inspires me to just let go and try anything with my art. I feel free trying some of her techniques. One of my blocks has been people and she got me riding over that block to the point I love doing them now. I especially love her faces she has done just recently.

Well worth popping over and having a read :-)
I know I have a couple more to pop on, I will do this tomorrow. But wow it feels great doing this and giving people the exposure to people that may have not heard of or gone to their sites before.