Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inside Christmas Tree Ideas

Too early.....nah never to early to talk and look at Inside trees. I am also doing this as I have a friend who is opening a store and I mentioned to her about this idea....inside tree not the Christmas bit. I have had these a few times in our house and they are so easy to make.

This was one of my first. Very full of Christmas Decorations and had fairy lights on it. You simply cut a branch off a tree, spay paint it the desired colour and then with expanding foam set it into a bucket. Then the fun bit happens were you get to decorate it.

The window treatment with cut out snowflakes is another great idea and easy to do. This isnt my photo but we have done the same thing in our windows at Christmas. I have also made a similar idea with white doilies. I love winter themed ideas, shame our Christmas is in summer.