Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ahhh its been a while....again

Gee time flys and before I know it months have gone by. Lots have been happening, trying to decide what school for Max. He turns 5 in Aug and with his Autism, we really have to look at a few options. We are down to 2 schools and one other option. I have had parents say to me, oh I dont think this school would be a fit for him with what he has, thru to he will take up too much time for the teachers.....and it goes on. Molly has been thru the 'Childrens Therapy clinic' and is making changes already in some of the things she is doing, again a long way to go, but all positive.

Really sad, Mrs Powell, has moved on from Mollys school. She was one of the most beautiful people you could meet. The kids loved her and Molly (even tho she isnt in her class any more) misses the wonderful hugs she would give each day. Max also misses just going into her class to say Hi. But she has moved onto another school now and they are the lucky ones now. WE Miss you. Above is a canvas I did for her leaving.
The other layout at the top is a page I did for friend. I am loving doing Boy pages at the mo. A topic being talked about on a cool new web site Megan Renfree has put it together, and its awesome. Check it out !!!!!!
If anyone can give me some advice how to stop the photos appearing just at the top rather how I want them thru the post, I would love to know How :-) Thank you
Off now to work on a canvas for a friend. Have a Beautiful week.